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Sign Up to Become an EA Sponsor or Co-Sponsor

Sponsorship is a key element of this program. It serves both the sponsor, sponsee, or co-sponsors and requires nothing more than a willingness to have regular contact with another member of the program. As a first step to strengthening the EA sponsorship/co-sponsorship effort, we are compiling a list of individuals who would be interested in becoming a sponsor or co-sponsor. Learn more about sponsorship in general. When you sign up, you will be added to a list of people interested in sponsoring. This list will NOT available to the public. It will only be utilized to match a sponsor/sponsee and co-sponsors.

If you are SEEKING a sponsor at this time - please use this form instead.

Your first name and initial of last name will be provided to others; your last name is requested for EAI office use only.
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Typically, sponsors and sponsees are the same gender
This helps us match you
This helps us match you
This helps us match you