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Face-to-Face International Meetings

(Locations Outside the United States)

Are you located outside the United States and are looking for an in-person meeting? There are many parameters to use when searching for a meeting. You can choose to search using the parameters that are important to you. Scroll down until you reach "Country" and pick the parameters by which you want to search.

If you are looking for a meeting in a different language than English, you may need to translate some of the information into your specific language.


Please remember:

Meetings Listed in EAI's Meeting Directory Are:

  • Believed to be active (based on most recent information provided by the group).
  • Registered with Emotions Anonymous International.
  • Managed by a group of individuals that agreed or requested to be listed.
  • Not to be used for commercial ventures or solicitation.
  • Neither approved nor endorsed by EAI for their autonomous business dealings and implementation of the EAI program.
  • Open to all individuals provided they are not disruptive to the group. Disruptive individuals will be asked to leave a meeting and may be banned from returning.
  • The group's meetings are on specific days at designated times.
  • Many face-to-face groups had to shift how they were meeting due to Covid. The groups may have switched to meeting remotely or may not be meeting at all.
    • Please touch base with the group contact(s) prior to attending to ensure that the group is still meeting face-to-face. If the group is meeting remotely currently, they may decide to resume meeting face-to-face.
  • When you attend meetings please be respectful to others and keep the meeting topics related to the EA program.
    • Please do not discuss religion, politics, or other outside issues during the meeting. Participants who use inappropriate or abusive language may be removed from the meeting and possibly banned.
  • The group's contact(s) are volunteers who provide their phone/email to assist you and answer questions about their meeting.
    • Please be kind in your communications. Please be patient as it may take 2-3 days to get a response depending on the contact's availability.
  • EA meetings are designed to be open to anyone with a desire to improve their mental health. In some cases, a meeting can be oriented toward a specific group of individuals, such as men, women, specific ethnic backgrounds etc. and/or groups with unique shared experiences in order to best meet the needs of those choosing to attend. EA’s goal is to meet the needs of all who wish to become well emotionally; therefore we support a range of meeting types.
  • Anonymity and confidentiality are important to everyone in the program.
    • By continuing this search, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all members of EA.

You must use at least one parameter (like 'country' or 'province') in order to use this search tool. You do not need to enter ALL the search terms - doing so will limit the number of options you receive. Please keep in mind that the FEWER specific parameters you use, the MORE meetings you will find. We suggest choosing ONE or TWO parameters to see as many meeting options as possible.

If no meetings are coming up when you search by a city or zip code you want, try searching by just the country instead. If you are coming up with too many options when you search by state, try to narrow your search by searching by city. Simply click on the meeting result to open up the listing to get additional information (the meeting address, group's contact(s) information, etc.)

For example - if you do a search with the country as "Canada," you'll get four pages of meetings. If you do a search with the country as "Canada" and the province as "Ontario (ON)," you will get two pages of meetings.

Some countries or regions maintain their own list of EA groups and meeting information. If you can't find information for a group outside of the United States by using our directory, they have their own website that lists their meetings. You can find out here or by clicking on "International EA Groups With Their Own Website."


If you are interested in starting a group, you can find out more information here.