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EAI's Email & Online Loop Groups

EAI offers two 24/7 remotely accessible options for members. The Email Loop group members use their email or the group's website to send their shares to the group. The Online Loop group members use the group's website to post their shares for the group.

Email & Online Forum Rules:

  • Please be respectful to others!
  • All content posted/commented/emailed should be related to the EA program.
  • Please do NOT discuss religion, politics, and other outside issues.
  • Please do NOT use inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Please send personal responses directly to the writer, not the entire group.
  • Please maintain member confidentiality. Please do not share information or shares without consent.
  • *EAI Staff has the right to remove you from the group if necessary.

Defining Common Acronyms You May See:

  • EA = Emotions Anonymous     
  • ESH = Experience, Strength, Hope
  • 12 Steps = The 12 Steps are the basic tenets of the EA program. They can be found here.
  • RFT = Reflection for Today (excerpt from the Today book)
  • HP = Higher Power     
  • POOP = Powerless over other people
  • POME = Powerless over my emotions
  • FOO = Family of Origin     
  • HALT = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired