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Search for a Face-to-Face EA Meeting Within the United States

Looking for an in-person meeting close to you? There are many parameters to use when searching for a meeting. You can choose to search using the parameters that are important to you. Keep in mind that the FEWER specific parameters you enter, the MORE meetings you will find. You must enter at least one search field (like 'meeting day' or 'type of group') in order to use this search tool. You do not need to use ALL the search parameters - doing so will limit the number of options you receive. We suggest choosing ONE or TWO parameters to run your search with to see as many meeting options as possible.

If you are looking for a meeting in a different language than English, you will need to translate it into your specific language.

If no meetings are coming up in the city or zip code you want, try searching by just the state instead. Coming up with too many options if you search by the state? Try to narrow your search by searching just the city. For example - if you search for "California," you'll get two pages of meetings. If you search for "California" and "Sacramento," you will get fewer listings, but may miss a meeting that is not in Sacramento, but close by. Just click on the actual meeting for additional information.

There are meetings across the United States, but EA does not have meetings in every town or state. if nothing comes up in your city or state, think about starting your own meeting! We have materials to help you get started! Get information here!

Please touch base with the group contact prior to attending to ensure that the group is still meeting during the pandemic. Many face-to-face meetings have temporarily switched to remotely accessible, virtually, or may not be meeting at all. Please remember group contacts are volunteers who provide their phone/email to assist you and answer questions about their local meeting. Anonymity and confidentiality are important to everyone. By continuing this search, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all members of EA.