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Testimonials to the EA Program From EA Members

  • "EA ISC will always be a gift for anyone that wants to start a meeting no matter how old or new one is to the program as I am lucky to start the program as young as I did as I'm 51 but have 21 years in." — Lee R.
  • "This program is giving me my Life Back and My Inner true Self.." — Tanya M.
  • "WHAT IF... Worrying is thinking about “what if something goes wrong”. Dreaming is thinking about “what if everything goes right”. Both are necessary. When I get out of balance with either one, I need a way to keep from capsizing. To do that I take some steps. For me, EA is all about that." — Janet H.
  • "The EA program is very helpful for all of us to find peace in a Higher Power in different circumstances."  — Ligia V.
  • "The EA program saved my life. No one really understands the darkness of depression and lives to walk in the light like a recovering member of EA."  — Anonymous
  • "My local EA support group meeting has played an integral part in my mental wellness. It’s a simple concept of 12 steps, similar to other 12-Step programs. I have been part of this group since late 2020. The facilitators of the group are incredibly gifted in their ability to share and speak, as well as lend support and help guide the meetings. It’s one hour, once a week. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, grief, etc., please come and see what the EA Program is all about. The personal growth I have experienced since attending this support group meeting is hard to even comprehend. It was what I needed as a mother, wife, friend, and health professional, struggling with mental illness. Please give it a try!" — Laura A.