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Testimonials to the EA Program From EA Members

  • "EA ISC will always be a gift for anyone that wants to start a meeting no matter how old or new one is to the program as I am lucky to start the program as young as I did as I'm 51 but have 21 years in." — Lee R.
  • "This program is giving me my Life Back and My Inner true Self.." — Tanya M.
  • "WHAT IF... Worrying is thinking about “what if something goes wrong”. Dreaming is thinking about “what if everything goes right”. Both are necessary. When I get out of balance with either one, I need a way to keep from capsizing. To do that I take some steps. For me, EA is all about that." — Janet H.
  • "The EA program is very helpful for all us to find peace in a Higher Power in different circumstances."  — Ligia V.
  • "The EA program saved my life. No one really understands the darkness of depression and lives to walk in the light like a recovering member of EA."  — Anonymous