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Emotions Anonymous National Intergroups:

An EA "national intergroup" is formed for the purpose of coordinating and supporting EA groups within a country. The collaboration of Emotions Anonymous groups achieves the goal of carrying the message and also supports the growth of EA. A national intergroup may represent more than one country. This is usually the practice when groups in more than one country share a common language. 

A national intergroup has a local service office. It provides books, literature, and other materials for the groups that are in their service area. It serves as a liaison between the groups and the EA International Service Center. It is responsible for the payment of royalties for translated copyrighted EA publications, donations from the groups, and meeting information to the EA International Service Center.

A national intergroup should develop and maintain a website that lists all of the groups within the national intergroup. The website should be used to provide pertinent information about the intergroup and the groups it represents. You can learn more about national groups by ordering the "National Intergroup Guide" (Item #68).

  1. Emotifs Anonymes d’Europe Francophone

    Si votre demande est générale, vous pouvez prendre contact en écrivant à:
    Vous pouvez aussi téléphoner à Danièle : 00 33 06 71 72 39 56

  2. Émotifs Anonymes Français Canadien

    Pour une information personnalisée utilisez:
    Notre téléphone général est: +1 819 371-1911

  3. EA Winnipeg/Manitoba, Canada Intergroup

    - For the EA Winnipeg/Manitoba Information voicemail, please call +1 204-269-6248.

    - For EA literature orders/requests, please call Len or Linda at +1 204-822-3044.

  4. EA Deutschland

    Kontakttelefon: +49 6031 1604 168 (Ulrich) [Donnerstags 19 – 21 Uhr, sonst AB]

  5. Emotivi Anonimi - Italia

    Nome del contatto: Paola
    Indirizzo e-mail:
    Numero di telefono: +39 335 670 7166
    Sito web dell'Intergruppo:

  6. EA Sweden Intergroup (Emotions Anonymous Sverige Servicegrupp - EASS)


    Litteratur: Benkt O. på eller 0735-930543

  7. ジャパン エモーションズ アノニマス (Japan emōshonzu anonimasu [JEA])

    曜日: 毎月第2土曜日に開催。
    Yōbi: Maitsuki dai 2 doyōbi ni kaisai.

    場所の名前: 飯田橋 東京ボランティア・市民活動センター
    Basho no namae: Tokyo Voluntary Action Center (TVAC)

    住所: 10f, 1-1 神楽河岸 新宿区 東京都 162-0823
    Jūsho: 10f, 1-1 Kaguragashi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 162-0823, Japan