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Free Publications in English

Would you like to read or pass along any of this literature? All other EA material is copyright protected, but you are welcome to print, copy, and distribute these materials as much as you like. Simply click on the name and download a copy to read online or print locally. Please consider making a contribution to EAI in order to allow us to continue to be able to provide them. The EAI organization relies on your support to continue to operate. If you prefer to receive these publications as hard copies, you may order them from our online store at a minimal charge of 10 cents per item (to cover the cost of printing) plus shipping and handling costs. 

These are also now free literature available to download onto an eReader! Just click here to go to Payhip and see what is available to download.

  • This pamphlet offers the main facets of the EA program - the 12 Steps, Traditions, Slogans etc.

  • This is a suggested guideline for those responsible for guiding a virtual meeting. Thanks to our EA friends in Italy for suggesting and drafting a version of this. For use if it is helpful, but not required at EA meetings.

  • The rules and regulations of Emotions Anonymous International.

  • New to EA? This is a helpful piece to learn more about the program as a whole - what to expect at the meetings, ideas on how to participate yourself, and a list of the Twelve Steps. Also good to know is that all our pamphlets are numbered, so when you want to place an order, you can find the "Item #" on back of each one in the box that provides contact information.

  • This pamphlet provides additional information about the program and discusses what EA is - and is not. It's a good overview.

  • Questions and answers useful in helping new or potential members decide if EA is for them.

  • An easy way to post your meeting information in your community! Fill in your meeting information and post at local coffee shops, groceries, libraries...anywhere you think people will see it! You may copy this as often as you like.

  • Why is EA a Step meeting? What if you haven't worked the Step that the group is on that week? Why don't we discuss our problems? Why does EA discourage cross talk and feedback during the meeting? What if someone strays from the subject of the meeting? Who manages the meeting? Why don't we discuss religion? All of these questions are answered in this pamphlet.

  • A report to the EA membership on activities of the past year, including contribution and financial information.

  • Want to share information about EA with a therapist or healthcare provider? This is a good overview of the program.

  • The main guide to how EA is managed.

  • A quick and easy guide to the basics of the EA program. Great for newcomers to your meeting, to leave with healthcare providers, or to give to a friend who might benefit from the program.

  • All EA approved materials is written by members and approved by the Board of Trustees. This provides a guide for those interested in submitting their writing for approval consideration.

  • A supplement to the Spiritual Awakening #83 Workbook.

  • This pamphlet explains the concept of confidentiality in the EA program.

  • Recommendations to encourage helpful, positive meetings and to create a level of uniformity across meetings, so anyone receives a similar experience when attending an EA meeting anywhere written by the Board of Trustees.

  • Prices effective as of 11/1/21