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Please submit any questions, suggestions, or general feedback using the contact form below. This form is submitted to EA's general information email.

Before submitting, please check to see if the answer to your question can already be found on our website -- This helps to conserve our limited staff time! Thank you.

The answers to our most common questions can be found via the links below:

If you have questions that cannot be answered from our website about your EA order, shipping costs, or EA meetings, you may click on that topic below to email our staff.

If your question does not fall into those categories, please fill out and submit the general contact form below. Thank you!

  • Click above if you would like to send an email to the Executive Director with your ideas about volunteering for EA, EA literature, meetings, etc.

  • Click above to email our accountant if you have questions about paying for an order, or need a copy of a receipt/sales invoice, etc.

  • Click above to send an email if you would like to get a shipping estimate, place an EA order over email, get an update on your order, etc.

  • Click above to email if you would like information about EA meetings not answered on the website.

  • If you have a question about sponsorship, co-sponsorship, need help finding a sponsor, the matching process, etc. please email

*Please note that as a small (but mighty!) non-profit organization, we have limited staff time. Staff work part-time, and we will do our best to respond as soon as we are able -- Thank you!

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