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How to Choose a Sponsor or Co-Sponsor

When choosing someone to be a sponsor it is suggested that sponsees:

  • choose someone with whom you are comfortable, where there are good boundaries, regardless of the person's gender;
  • choose a sponsor who is firmly established in their program in order to provide the best possible experience. You should choose someone who has worked all of the twelve steps;
  • identify someone who is able to take on another sponsee. If a sponsor already has a number of sponsees , they might not have enough available time for you;
  • find a sponsor who feels emotionally safe due to the nature of the relationship and the information that is likely to be shared; and,
  • don't rush into choosing a sponsor on the spur of the moment. Consider your options carefully, but please don’t procrastinate for too long when choosing a sponsor.


Instincts are very important when choosing somebody for this role – trust yourself when you ask someone for sponsorship!