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Introduction to EAI's Workbook: Welcoming the Spiritual Awakening Within Me (#83)

Recording Accessible Through YouTube
  • This is a recording of a 3 hour intro session to the workbook “Welcoming the Spiritual Awakening Within Me" (Item 83). The Spiritual Awakening workbook is designed to lead into a positive recovery vision of thriving in life. In the session, hosts and participants read a broad sampling of readings on vital recovery issues which have not been covered so far in EA literature. This session is to help prepare folks for their own journey through the workbook and to help lead workbook study sessions with sponsees and groups. Recorded from a live online session on November 30th, 2019. There are periodic breaks with discussion and commentary by the hosts and participants. The podcast explores the following workbook topics and more;

    Recognizing, exploring, & healing the effects of childhood trauma in our 4th step work.
    A section exploring all our family of origin roles and current roles we still play.
    Exploration of healthy and unhealthy understandings of powerlessness.
    Exploring the new EA stages of recovery; Stabilization, Understanding, and Thriving.
    Powerful ways to work steps 6-12 which help transform negative thinking.
    Emphasizing compassion & kindness in working of all of our EA steps.
    How to start and lead a workbook study group

    Thank you to Charlie B. and Sharon H. for hosting this session. The recording begins without introductions with a reading from the workbook on page 8.