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How to Submit Your Writing Online

Thank you for submitting your writing to be considered for inclusion as approved materials. Here you will find the guidelines for writing, some recommendations on writing style, and the various publications where your writing could be used. All submission through this website become the property of EAI for copyright purposes. EAI has final review and editing authority for all submissions.

  • When referring to a “power greater than ourselves” that we rely upon for strength and guidance in this program, please refer to a “Higher Power.” We refer to a Higher Power because we are a spiritual, not religious program. The language that regularly refers to “God” or even He/Him (because often we think of God as having a male pronoun) can be quite off-putting for many people who are seeking help from EA but do not have a religious point of view when defining who or what their Higher Power is. The exception to this is to use language such as “God is my Higher Power, or words of that nature, when sharing who or what your Higher Power is for you, personally.
  • Focus on the essentials of the EA program. Literature material can encompass Steps, Traditions, Concepts, Promises, Just For Todays, and Slogans.
  • Please include several (4-7) relevant reflection questions if you are submitting material for a pamphlet. Questions should be thought-provoking and open-ended (vs. closed “yes/no” questions).
  • Share personal stories and illustrations to help the material be more relatable.
  • Have a focus on the healing and wholeness possible for the person suffering from emotional issues. EA is a program that helps us to grow in our work to be responsible for our own lives. Literature that can center on the positive aspects of our program is the most beneficial.
  • Make sure that what is shared is written with good grammar and sentence structure. (EAI may edit your material.)
  • For pamphlets, keep the word count to about 900 words. Longer pieces may be made into workbooks or booklets.
  • The material should NOT be formatted. Documents should be submitted in MS Word only.
  • Materials will be forwarded to the Book & Literature Committee. Writers agree that any submission includes signing over the copyright.
  • EAI will format, produce, and include new materials in the online store and communicate with EA members.
  • Below are a few topics EA literature does not currently address. Before writing on other subjects, please check to make sure material on your chosen subject does not already exist.
    • Anguish
    • Denial
    • Dependency
    • Divorce
    • Facades
    • Greed
    • Illusions
    • Maturity
    • Mediation
    • Nurturing
    • Partnership
    • Paranoia
    • Peace
    • Prayer
    • Pride
    • Rage
    • Selfishness
    • Sloth
    • Social Roles
    • Spite
    • Surrender
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This is to show members that members all over the world contribute to writing EAI literature.
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