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Writing Tips

When writing for EAI publications you want to understand the focus of each piece and the guidelines for length. You can refer to the Writing Considerations for helpful information. It’s important to ensure accuracy and readability by making sure your draft doesn’t have any structure, grammar errors or misspellings, and that the tone of your writing is in keeping with the purpose of the piece. You will want to avoid colloquialisms, acronyms, and uniquely English phrases or references, and carefully consider your use of humor. Finally, please note that Emotions Anonymous International has the final review and approval of all EA writings. EAI can edit materials for length, spelling, grammar, style, and tone so they are appropriate to include in EAI publications.

More writing tips are available here: Harvard Writing Center. In brief, you will strive to write active sentences (“I did this” instead of “this was done”); have a logical structure and flow (such as keeping similar thoughts together in one paragraph); be careful about using dashes, hyphens, colons and parentheses, which can interfere with readability, and always use the Spelling & Grammar feature in Word to spell check your work. One way to double-check accuracy is to cut and paste your draft into this free Grammar Check site. Click on the underlined references to look at options for correcting any errors (if you are reading this on the

Following these guidelines will help you produce written pieces that are clear and compelling for all EA members to enjoy! All reflections/articles can be submitted by clicking here or by emailing to Please include your permission to use your writing as EAI sees fit. Material submitted will be saved and used when appropriate.