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EA Information for Healthcare Providers

Do you have clients or patients who are struggling to cope with the stress of daily living and who desire to feel better emotionally?

Do individuals you work with experience feelings of being different and alone?

You may wish to consider a referral to a local group of Emotions Anonymous (EA), a confidential peer-support group based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but adapted to those dealing with overwhelming emotions and emotional difficulties.

  • You may find out if there is an in-person EA meeting in your area by searching our EA US meeting database.
  • Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many previously in-person EA meetings have shifted to online or phone meetings. These remote meeting options can be found on this webpage.

EA meetings are not a replacement for professional therapies, but are instead complementary support for individuals with emotional difficulties. We have not found it helpful to place labels on any degree of illness or health, and do not give advice or counsel. We neither endorse nor oppose the use of any medication or therapy. We encourage each member to adhere to the advice of their healthcare provider.

Our aim is simply to use the tools and structure provided by the EA Twelve-Step program to create a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages individuals to make healthy life choices.

  • One of the key tenets of EA is that one can learn to live with unsolved problems and find peace of mind.
  • To that end, EA meetings provide a warm and caring atmosphere where individuals can feel free to share their concerns, hear of what has worked for others, and begin to alleviate feelings of fear, loneliness, and isolation.

There are no dues, fees, or requirements to participate in EA meetings, other than a desire to become well emotionally.

Please feel free to print, copy and share any of the EA pamphlets listed below as you wish. Thank you for spreading the word about EA!

  • Additional Emotions Anonymous literature that may be distributed freely can be found here.
  • EA material for sale may be ordered online.

  1. A flier to post in your office or lobby to let your clients know about any local in-person or remote EA meeting options available.

  2. This pamphlet explains more about how Emotions Anonymous meetings work. Why is EA a Step meeting? What if you haven't worked the Step that the group is on that week? Why don't we discuss our problems? Why does EA discourage cross-talk and feedback during the meeting? What if someone strays from the subject of the meeting? Who manages the meeting? Why don't we discuss religion? All of these questions are answered in this pamphlet.

  3. This pamphlet is specificly for healthcare providers to learn more about Emotions Anonymous International and the Emotions Anonymous 12-Step Program. It includes information that explains what EA is and why it might be helpful for the healthcare provider's patients/clients.

  4. A quick and easy guide to the basics of the EA program.

  5. A pamphlet that explains the concept of confidentiality in the EA program.