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Online Store

Orders may be placed online, over the phone, and through the mail

We typically ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The suggested delivery time is at least 2 weeks. We have no control over USPS delivery schedules. For information on faster shipping methods (with higher shipping costs), please contact our office at +1 651-647-9712 or Thank you for your patience.

If you know the item number, enter it directly in the search bar below. Otherwise enter a search term to see items with that word in the title.

The country code for Canada and the US is +1. To find a different country code click the following link ( You need to type in the country code in the first box followed by the rest of the number in the second box.

When you select "Pay Now," you will be brought to PayPal. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE PAYPAL but you MUST click on this link to continue. You can pay with PayPal or scroll down to select a credit card or bank debit. It will bring you to a "PayPal Guest Checkout" page. Please fill in shipping and billing information and then select "create account & continue" or "continue as guest."

When your order has been processed and shipped you will receive tracking information sent via email from "Pitney Bowes" ( or via PayPal if we do not use Pitney Bowes to ship your order. Receipts will also either be emailed or printed and sent along with the order if requested. You can track your order online here ( or by calling 1-800-222-1811 [USA].

EAI Policies and Other Order Information

  • Shipping Cost: If the shipping cost turns out to be less than what you are charged initially, we will refund the difference. If it costs more, we will inform you and send an additional invoice in PayPal for the difference.
  • Insurance Policy: EA International is not responsible for the replacement of any damaged or lost items that are not insured by the purchaser.
  • Refund Policy: If for any reason you need to return a purchase, you must contact the EAI office within two weeks of the delivery date of your purchase to inform us of your wish to make a return. Materials must be shipped no later than two weeks after this notice is given. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. The charges for returns made outside of this time frame will not be reimbursed without prior approval. No refunds for electronic materials (e-books) that have already been downloaded.
  • Customs Fees: These are outside our control and, as every country has different rules, EAI can't include them with order totals. They are the responsibility of the order recipient.
  • Shipping to Canada: To avoid customs fees and international postage, you may place orders for both French and English materials through PFEA (Publications Françaises Émotifs Anonyme) by emailing them at