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Memorial Gifts

2020: In Memory

  • "Al S., a longtime member of the Hamline-Midway EA group, passed away this fall. Al was a source of joy and inspiration at every meeting, and was able to share his hope and positivity with everyone he met. He truly lived the program and will be missed." - St. Paul, MN Wed (Hamline) EA Group
  • "Honoring, the Reverend John A. Valley." - Bob W
  • "In memory of my father, Mandel "Max" Nevitsky." - Deborah S
  • "In loving memory of Maricruz B. A mother of our much-loved group member, David A." - Austin, TX EA Group
  • Edward & Sally Newton - Eileen S
  • Italian COVID-19 victims - Anonymous
  • "In honor of Bob Mackenzie." - Owosso, MI EA Group
  • "In honor of Robert Jamieson - father of current member Matt. Robert was an active member of EA." - Apple Valley, MN EA Group
  • "On Thursday, January 2, 2020, 11:00 p.m., the Sunnyvale and Cupertino EA meetings lost Bill B., who passed away from pneumonia at the age of 81. From the time Bill joined EA in 1990 until his health began to fail about seven months ago, he supported our meetings by serving as treasurer (and as one of four rotating leaders), giving members rides, sending donations to the International Service Office as well as to the church at which we meet (in Cupertino), and so on. During his illness, Bill maintained his sunny disposition, his optimism, and his practice of the EA steps, slogans, Just for Todays, etc. His favorite slogan was 'one day at a time', and he lived what he learned. His well-timed jokes, along with his deadpan delivery, never failed to make us laugh! Bill will be deeply missed by all of us, but he left us with wonderful memories." - Gloria, CA & Sunnyvale, CA EA Group

2019: In Memory

  • Eleanor P.- MN
    • "An EA member for almost 50 years" by anonymous donor
  • Lorraine D.- IL
    • Donation by David and Gail D.
  • Leroy P. - TX
    • "Leroy served on the EA Board of Trustees for many years." by George S, Fort Worth, Texas
    • Donation by Anna H, TX; Karen P, Carrollton, TX; Laura B, Dallas, TX; Lila H, Esko, MN
    • Donation by Anita H., Cottonwood, AZ
  • Thomas S. - NJ
    • "He will be missed by all." by Debra S, NJ
  • Dan H. - CT
    • Anonymous Donation
  • Gus S. - AZ
    • "One of the kindest men I've ever known." by Elaine WN, MN
    • "He'll be missed by all." by Sandy W, MN
  • Joyce Roller- Thunder Bay, Canada (1934-2017)
    • Anonymous Donation
  • Betsy P - MN
    • Apple Valley, MN EA Group Donation
  • Russ E. - MN
    • Apple Valley, MN EA Group Donation
  • Kiwana Mendenhall - Lansing, MI
    • Taperra R