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New Group Scholarship Information & Application Submission

We often receive calls from individuals wishing to start a new EA group but lacking the funds to purchase the basic beginning materials. A Scholarship Fund for new groups has been made possible by contributions from generous individuals and existing groups. Scholarships cover 65% of the cost of the Group Starter Kit, (Item #44) which is priced at $44.00 normally. If the New Group Scholarship Fund does not have funds available, those requesting assistance may be placed on a waiting list until funds are available. No scholarships will be made in advance of funds being available.

Group Starter Kit (Item #44) Contents:

  • EA’s 12-Step Program (#1) [5 qty],
  • Service – Step 12 (#8) [5 qty],
  • EA Laminated Meeting Sign (#M3) [1 qty],
  • Group Inventory (#6) [1 qty],
  • Laminated Suggested Face-to-Face Meeting Format (#7) [1 qty],
  • Weekly Meeting Minder (#9) [1 qty],
  • The 4 A’s (#10) [5 qty],
  • Guide for EA Groups (#13) [1 qty],
  • EA Welcome Kit (#14) [5 qty],
  • Cycle of Emotional Illness and Recovery (#15) [1 qty],
  • Meeting Card Table (#M16) [1 qty],
  • To My Friends & Family (#23) [5 qty],
  • EA Bylaws (#24) [1 qty],
  • Self-Esteem (#45) [5 qty],
  • Resentments (#46) [5 qty],
  • Fear (#47) [5 qty],
  • Anger (#48) [5 qty],
  • Depression (#54) [5 qty],
  • Shame (#56) [5 qty],
  • Anxiety (# 57) [5 qty],
  • Handling Disruption (#62) [1 qty],
  • Supporting EAI (#66) [5 qty], and
  • Administrative Concepts (#67) [1 qty].

Qualifications for Receiving Scholarship Funds:

  • Contact EAI executive director or staff expressing interest in beginning an EA group.
  • Identification of a location or remote program, time, and day for the meeting.
  • Check or credit/debit card payment for the remaining 35% ($15.40) of the Group Starter Kit cost and the shipping/handling costs.
  • Orders can be made through EAI's website online store here or over the phone. Please be sure to provide the promo code to receive the discount.
  • The new group has checked with the location to find out if insurance is required and has been obtained if necessary (EAI does not provide insurance).
  • Completed application and submitted online or by mail.

How to Submit a Completed Application —

Once you have completed the New Group Scholarship Application, please send it back to us electronically through the form below, by emailing it to Elaine, the Executive Director at, or by mailing a hard copy to our mailing address below. If you have any questions about the application or approval process, don't hesitate to reach out to Elaine.

MAILING ADDRESS: EA International    Attn: Elaine Delavy  PO Box 4245  Saint Paul, MN 55104-0245 USA

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