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Buffalo, MN EA Retreat Recordings

2021 International EA Zoom Retreat

Living and Thriving with the Four “A”s: Awareness, Acceptance, Attitude, and Action

This retreat took place over Zoom on February 19th, 2021 & February 20th, 2021. EA Members Charlie B., Greta F., Scott J., Margot F., Dave Q., and Sharon B. were on the team that organized this international retreat.

These recordings will download in a mp3 audio format

  • What’s been going on in the last few months? How have I been reacting? How can I deepen my own honest, kind awareness? This session is by Charlie B. and Camille.

  • What have I been resisting? What is the link between resentment and non-acceptance? How is seeing powerlessness the key to acceptance? How can I better open to people, life, and my emotions as they are? This session is by Margot F. and Charlie B..

  • Attitudes are the feeling tones or views which can steer our thinking. A change in attitude can make our whole life easier. Exploring wonderful wise attitudes together. This session is by Scott J. and Charlie B..

  • Exploring the actions which help us regain serenity, happiness, and contentment. We’ll welcome each other to brainstorm new helpful strategies and actions. This session is by Betty L. and Dave Q..

2016 Retreat

These recordings will download in a mp3 audio format