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Search for an International Face-to-Face EA Meeting

(Meetings Outside of the United States)

Are you located outside the United States or looking for a meeting in a language other than English? You can use the following parameters to search our international face-to-face meeting database. You may need to translate the search criteria into your own language. 

If you don't see the country you live in listed and are interested in starting a group, you can find out more information here.

You will need to click on the entry for the complete meeting listing. If no meetings coming up in the city or zip code you want? Try searching by just the state or province instead. Coming up with too many options? Try to narrow your search by searching just the city instead. For example - if you search for "Canada," you'll get a lot of meetings. If you search for "Canada" and "Ontario," you will get a more manageable list of meetings.

Please remember that while group contact people provide their phone/email to assist you, anonymity and confidentiality are important to everyone. By continuing this search, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all members of EA.

Please connect with the group contact to ensure that the group is actually meeting before attending.

Some countries or regions maintain their own list of EA groups and meeting information. If you can not find a listing for a group outside of the United States by using the international meeting locator, they have their own website that lists the meetings. You can find out here or by clicking on "International EA Intergroups With Their Own Website."