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Gifts in Gratitude!

Click here if you would like to make a gift in gratitude.

2021: In Gratitude

  • "For the Sacramento, CA EA Groups." — Nancy C
  • "For the Zoom Groups and the "Next Frontier 12" EA daily FreeConferenceCall Group." — Anonymous
  • "For the Austin, TX EA Group!" — Monica W
  • "For the EA daily FreeConferenceCall (Next Frontier 12) group. The program works, keep coming back." — Nikki P

2020: In Gratitude

  • "For the Oakland, CA EA group Zoom Meetings." — Anonymous
  • "For the Boulder, CO EA Group, they have such a strong fellowship and message of hope. Thank you to all that participate." — Anonymous
  • For the EA Bend Oregon group that let me join in their Zoom meetings. They were so warm and welcoming and I really appreciate them." — Sharon W
  • "For Ruth & Reno A, Fran, Glen R, Ann B, Betsy P, and all the others who made the retreats happen." — Diana G