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The Emotions Anonymous Board of Trustees are voted into office at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1) and serve three year terms. The Board makes policy decisions throughout the year during their bi-monthly meetings via phone or skype. There are several committees that report to the Board that may include non-Trustees. Applications are currently being accepted for board positions and are available on the homepage (click on the spotlights - the revolving pictures - until the Board notice comes up). Application deadline is June 1, 2019.

2018-2019 Board of Trustees

Name: Scott Jakel
Address: 1310 West 16th St.
Hastings, MN 55033
Phone: 507-276-0323
Role: Vice President/Treasurer

Name: John Werner
Address: 20640 Donnelly Ave.
Farmington, MN 55024
Phone: 612-760-0313

Name: Derita Pippen
Address: 14050 Ceder Road Apt #410
University Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216-624-3559

Name: Colleen Coyne
Phone: 651-245-5461

*Officers are determined by Trustees.


Executive Director: Elaine Weber Nelson

Accountant: Sandy Wells

Database Coordinator: Claire Horton
email for group information:

Shipping Coordinator: Carleen Schmidt

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Office Information:

Main office phone: 651-647-9712
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CT
Mailing Address: PO Box 4245 Saint Paul, MN 55104 USA