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What is Emotions Anonymous International?

Emotions Anonymous International (EAI) is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the Emotions Anonymous (EA) 12-Step Program. The program foundational components include the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Helpful Concepts, 12 Just for Todays, 12 Promises, 12 Slogans, and 12 Principles, which can be found here. The Serenity Prayer and other EA literature are used also. EA is an international fellowship of men and women who desire to improve their emotional well-being. EA members come together in weekly mutual support group meetings for the purpose of anyone to share experiences, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, and hopes with one another working toward recovery from any sort of emotional difficulties. EA members are of diverse ages, races, economic status, social and educational backgrounds. The EA program is nonprofessional; it can be a complement to mental health therapy but it is not necessary to be seeking professional help to attend EA meetings.

As an anonymous program, EA respects the confidentiality of its members at all times. Members are not required to share any personal details - or even last names - if they do not chose to at meetings. As a spiritual program, there is an emphasis on a Higher Power. Experience has shown the EA program works equally well for any religious affiliations and those without religious beliefs.

EA provides a warm and accepting group setting in which to share experiences without fear of criticism. We may each have different symptoms, but the underlying emotions are the same or similar. Through weekly support meetings, members discover they are not alone in their struggles.

Currently there are EA groups in more than 30 countries, with more than 600 active groups, including Skype, chat, Zoom, and phone meetings. If there isn't a face-to-face EA meeting nearby, please consider starting one. You can find more information here.

The International Service Center (ISC) is the administrative arm of EAI; the EAI Board of Trustees is made up of members from across the world. EA-approved literature is can be purchased here and includes pamphlets that address different emotions, workbooks, educational books, and daily affirmation-readers. The ISC and the Board of Trustees develops and approves materials with input from EA members.

EAI is fully supported by member/group contributions and material purchases.

Testimonals to the EA Program From EA Members

"EA ISC will always be a gift for anyone that wants to start a meeting no matter how old or new one is to the program as I am lucky to start the program as young as I did as I'm 51 but have 21 years in." — Lee R.

"This program is giving me my Life Back and My Inner true Self.." — Tanya M.

"WHAT IF... Worrying is thinking about “what if something goes wrong”. Dreaming is thinking about “what if everything goes right”. Both are necessary. When I get out of balance with either one, I need a way to keep from capsizing. To do that I take some steps. For me, EA is all about that." — Janet H.