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Remotely Accessible EA Meetings

These meetings are accessible to members regardless of their own location. When choosing a meeting please keep in mind that some meetings are normally face to face and will not be remotely accessible when groups are able to resume gathering.

EA has always offered remotely accessible and virtual meetings - those are listed here. However, due to the pandemic, some face to face meetings switched to remote methods - these temporary meetings are listed here

*Please keep in mind when choosing a meeting that phone carriers will charge you per minute for conference calls. We suggest you check with your phone carrier, especially if you are joining a meeting for the first time.* FreeConferenceCall meetings are accessible online on PCs, Macs®, Chromebooks™, and app on iOS and Android™ phones and tablets. Meetings are conference call styled. Once you dial in, you will be asked for the Participant Access Code - be sure to enter the pound (#) sign at the end! Please access these during the designated meeting times only.

Make sure you have the meeting's time correct in correlation to your own time. If you need help you determine the time of the following meetings in your location's time zone click here for a time zone converter website.

  • Quick reference for time zones — Example Time: 2 PM, PT (Pacific Time) = 3 PM, MT (Mountain Time) = 4 PM, CT (Central Time) = 5 PM, ET (Eastern Time)

Please remember group contacts are volunteers who provide their phone/email to assist you and answer questions about their local meeting. Anonymity and confidentiality are important to everyone. By continuing this search, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all members of EA.

There are many remotely accessible and virtual meetings. Type the following options into the search boxes below. Keep in mind that the fewer parameters you enter, the more meetings you will find.

  • The way it is accessed:
    • Remotely phone accessible; virtually online & app accessible 
    • Remotely phone accessible
    • Virtually online & app accessible
    • Remotely phone accessible; virtually online & app accessible
    • Virtually app accessible
    • Virtually online chat accessible
  • The meeting's platform (method): 
    • Chatzy
    • Clubhouse
    • Facebook Messenger
    • FreeConferenceCall
    • Google Meet
    • Skype
    • Telegram
    • YouTube
    • Zoom
  • The language in which the meeting is held
  • The day of the meeting
    • Each individual weekday or "Daily"
  • The time of the meeting


If you can't find a meeting that works with your schedule, please consider starting one! Find out more by clicking here.