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EAI's Online & Email Discussion Forums Sign Up & Information

EAI offers an online discussion group called Online Loop. All are welcome to join in the discussion. You can go to it by clicking here. Instructions and FAQ answers for the website can be found here. Although this forum is private, you may want to consider using an alternate name for privacy. Thank you to an EA member who curated instructions on how to save the website to a computer desktop or phone. They can be found here. To download the Online Loop mobile app click here. Instructions and FAQ answers for the app go here.

EAI also offers an email discussion group called Email Loop. All are welcome to join in the discussion. You can sign up directly by clicking here. Please be aware that your name and email address will show up as subscribed. Although this forum is private, you may want to consider using an email dedicated to the Email Loop for privacy. All are welcome to join in the discussion. If you have something to share about a Step, Tradition, Concept, Just for Today, Slogan, or EA recovery in general, email your message to:

The forums are places to share your EA growth and recovery with other EA members who want to read what you have to share about EA and your personal recovery path. Participating in these forums should not replace attending EA meetings, which are essential in the recovery process. EAI suggests that if at all possible, you attend a regular weekly meeting, or perhaps even start a meeting. Learn more here. Experience has shown that those who attend weekly meetings, get a sponsor, work the 12 Steps, share honestly and openly at the meetings, and find a Higher Power that works for them will get better, one day at a time. 

The Email Loop & Online Loop, like all EA groups, must be self-supporting through its own efforts. Please consider helping by making a contribution however great or small. Contributions can be mailed or made online. Please mark your contribution "Email Loop" or "Online Loop" so your group can be credited.

Please make sure to read the privacy policy and posting rules. Have questions or need help? Please email us at

Privacy Policy: Tradition 12 says, "Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities." Members must maintain confidentiality. Do not share information without the writer’s consent.

Posting Rules:

  • Writing should be related to the EA program.
  • We do not discuss religion, politics, or promote outside issues.
  • We do not use inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Personal responses should be sent directly to the writer, choose reply, not reply all.
  • We do not send poems, jokes, stories written by others, or greeting cards.
  • Maintain confidentiality. Do not share information or shares without the writer’s consent.
  • Moderators & staff have the right to delete a share if it breaks a rule.