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Face to Face Alternative Meeting Formats

Phone Conference Call, Chat Room, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Telegram, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Free Conference Call Online

Is there no face to face meeting close by? Or do you want an alternative way to participate in an EA meeting? EA members meet remotely on a daily or weekly basis by Phone, Chat, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Telegram, YouTube, Facebook Messenger and Free Conference Call Online.

Go here for a time zone converter website to help you determine the time of the following meetings in your location time zone.

Face to Face Meetings Switched To Alternative Meeting Methods

Some of our EA face to face meetings have switched to alternative methods during this time period of physical distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the list of those meetings and information by clicking here.

Phone Meetings

EA members meet by telephone (conference call) on the following days. The phone number to use follows the time and date listing. Once you dial in, you will be asked for the Participant Access Code - be sure to hit the pound (#) sign at the end! ***Meetings with stars (**) around the meeting means it can be accessed both online and by phone.

*Daily - 7:30 AM, MT*

Phone Number: 1-605-472-5698, Participant Access Code: 225966#

*Back up number for anyone who cannot get into the meeting: 1-857-957-1140 Follow the prompts to enter the regular phone number and access code.*

Sunday - 8 AM, PT

Phone Number: 1-718-362-6360, Participant Access Code: 1813110#

*Sunday - 7 PM, ET - Acceptance and Serenity*

Phone Number: 1-712-451-1140, Participant Access Code: 808747#

Monday - 5:10 PM, CT

Phone Number: 1-605-313-4162 Participant Access Code: 181510#

*Thursday - 7 PM, ET*

Phone Number: 1-712-451-0178, Participant Access Code: 582467#

Friday - 1:40 PM, CT - TGIF

Phone Number: 1-425-436-6369, Participant Access Code: 823190#

Bi-lingual meeting:

En francais: vendredi matin 9:30-11:00/In English: Friday morning, 9:30-11:00

Free conference call/Appel gratuit
France: 01 80 14 00 05
Key code : 480 498 #

Shares are welcomed in French or English.

« Expérience, force et espoir »

Premier vendredi: étape et tradition du mois / juste pour aujourd'hui / slogan du mois
Autres vendredis: étude de brochures / juste pour aujourd'hui / slogan du mois

Partagez en francais ou en anglais.

« Experience, strength and hope »

First Friday: Step and tradition of the month/ just for today/ slogan of the month
Others Fridays: Pamphlets study / just for today/slogan of the month

Chat Room Meetings

All are welcome! No account required. 

Moderated meetings: Wednesday through Sunday at 8:00 PM, ET              

Unmoderated Fellowship: Saturday & Sunday between 3:00 - 8:00 PM, ET

Questions? Need help? Contact:  

Click here to go to the chat

Skype Meetings

Email the group contact you wish to join. They will send you further instructions pertaining to their group. Then if you don't have a Skype account already - you need to set one up. Skype is an easy - and free! - way to access an EA meeting. You need to open a Skype account first (again - free!). Click here for an easy tutorial on opening an account or simply go to

EA Anytime Sharing Group:

Monday - 7:30 PM, ET
Group Name: Serenity - ea
Contact: Ron - or

Saturday - 3 PM, ET  
Group Name: smallsteps
Contact: Zeke -

Zoom Meetings

Sunday - 5:30 PM, CT

  • Join Zoom Meeting
  • Meeting ID: 460 477 1285
  • Password: 583374
  • Contact: Lynne S - or 712-420-2058

Monday - 7 PM, ET

  • Contact Josetta C for meeting details.
  • Contact: or 803-995-0002

Tuesday - 6 PM, ET — Step-By-Step 12x12 Workbook Session

  • Join Zoom Meeting
  • Meeting ID: 6126572276
  • Password: 028586
  • Contact: Mia C - or 716-998-9102

Wednesday - 7 PM, ET EA a Place of Healing

  • This is a place of warm embrace. Everyone can share whatever they need to. This group runs on anonymity and confidentiality and trust meaning that what is shared will stay between members of the group. This means we don't talk about what has said in the group with anyone except for the person who shared it. Contact Tony N for meeting details.
  • Contact: Tony N - or 404-453-0194

Thursday - 8 PM, ET

  • Email Dave and he will send you instructions to join meeting.
  • Contact: Dave S -

Friday - 3 PM, PT EA Corona Extra

  • Join Zoom Meeting
  • Meeting ID: 760 103 188
  • Contact: Natalie Y- or 949-302-9010

Saturday 6 PM, ET

  • Contact Mia C for meeting details.
  • Contact: Mia C - or 716-998-9102

Google Hangouts

Friday 4 PM, CST - Happy Hour Emotions Anonymous
Platform: Google Hangouts
Please contact Brandy C for link
Contact: Brandy C -
*Day and time may change when we are able to move to a physical location in the Alton, IL area.

Telegram Meeting

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application. You can go to to learn more and download it to your smartphone, computer, tablet.

Anytime Meeting - Colorado Telegram

Join Telegram Meeting

Contact: Jonathan F - 720-620-0939 or

Facebook Messenger Meetings

Wednesday - 7 PM, CT

Meeting Name: Serenity Parkersburg

Contact: Tyler F 304-488-1882,

Additional Info: Contact Tyler on Facebook to join

Thursdays, 9:30 PM EST

Click link to join chat!

YouTube Meeting

Monday 6 PM, MT

Join YouTube Meeting

Contact: Susan B - 505-501-5065,

En langue française

Trouvez ici l'information pour participer à une réunion en ligne au Canada ou assister à un forum de partage d'europe:

Au Canada Francophone:

Reunion en ligne ouverte a tous les gens du monde chaque samedi, de 19h30 - 21h (l'heure de Montreal au Canada)
Cliquez sur:
Contact Oscar: 

Forum des Emotifs Anonymes d'Europe Francophone
Cliquez sur: pour voir les annonces ou assister a un forum de partage de l'Europe francophone.
Contact: Bernard: webmaster@emotifsanonymes

Groupe du lundi:

Le groupe tient deux réunions hebdomadaires :
- Le lundi de 9h à 10h15         Téléphone 0755545028     code : 452799#
- Le lundi de 20h à 21h15       Téléphone 0755545028     code : 452799#

Site web pour plus d’information :


Groupe du jeudi :

Réunion du jeudi 12h à 13h30.

Jeudi étapes : dans cette réunion nous étudions les 12 étapes du rétablissement spirituel a raison d’une étape par semaine qui est lue entièrement dans le livre “Les Emotifs Anonymes” suivi d’une réflexion écrite de 10 minutes sur cette étape.

07 55 50 39 55 code: 312564#

Groupe du vendredi:

Réunion du vendredi de 8h à 09h30 
Expérience force et espoir

Prière d’envoyer un mail a:  pour recevoir les identifiants d’accès.

Le premier vendredi : étape et tradition du mois. Les autres: études des pamplets. Le dernier: témoignge ou pamplet;

Free Conference Call - Online Accessible Meetings

***Meetings with a star (*) next to it means that they can be accessed both online and by phone.

*Daily 7:30 AM MST, Meeting ID: nextfrontier12

*Thursdays 7 PM EST, Meeting ID: creativesis

*Sundays 7:00 PM EST, Meeting ID: eatelephoneconference5

Follow the directions below and enter the MEETING ID indicated above

1. Go to and click on LOG IN 

2.  Click on ONLINE MEETINGS then select JOIN MEETING

3.  Enter the MEETING ID (see above):  

4. Type in your Name and Email and then click on JOIN

5. Click on the MIC & SPEAKERS icon then click on CONNECT NOW

6. Click on the telephone handset icon and Use the keypad to click on 6 to mute and unmute OR click on the microphone icon to mute and unmute