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Find an EA Meeting to Join

EA meetings are available face-to-face and remotely though a wide variety of options. Many face to face meetings switched to virtual meetings temporarily because of the pandemic. These meetings can be found here (please note that eventually they may be switching back to meeting in person). Click the links on the right on a desktop to search for specific meetings or click on the links below. If there isn't a meeting that fits into your schedule, you could always consider starting a new meeting. You can learn more here.

  • Here you can type in the parameters (method, platform, time, day, etc) you want and find virtual meetings that fit your needs!

  • Here you will find a list of all meetings that have been and will continue to be accessible remotely. This list is ordered HOW YOU ACCESS the meeting and then by DAY of meeting.

  • These are meetings that normally meet in person but because of COVID-19, have switched to meeting remotely. They may resume meeting face-to-face when the group is able to do so. This list is ordered by HOW YOU ACCESS the meeting, and then by the DAY the meeting is held.

  • This is a document listing all virtual meetings. It is a combination of the "Temporarily Scheduled Remote Meetings" and the "Regularly Scheduled Remote Meetings" lists. It is ordered by DAY OF meeting.

  • A tool to find face-to-face meetings within the US. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THAT THE MEETING YOU CHOOSE IS ACTUALLY MEETING BEFORE ATTENDING. Many face-to-face meetings are NOT meeting/switched to a virtual format during the pandemic.

  • A tool to find face-to-face meetings outside the US. Be sure to confirm the meeting you choose by contacting the group contact provided. Many face-to-face meetings switched over to a virtual platform during the pandemic.