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EA through the Holidays Worldwide 2021

EA through the Holidays Worldwide 2021

Saturday, April 3 & Sunday, April 4, 2021
The event is accessible to members by phone, online and app regardless of location.

Jumpstart the Holiday with emotions pamphlets in the morning
(Guilt (#94), Grief (#55) and/or Forgiveness (#51))
Morning Session: 11 AM, EST/ 10 AM, CST/ 9 AM, MST/ 8 AM, PST

Continue the day with a story of recovery in the afternoon
Afternoon Session: 3 PM, EST/ 2 PM, CST/ 1 PM, MST/ 12 PM (noon), PST

Wind down in the evening with recovery topics and gratitude
Evening Session: 8 PM, EST/ 7 PM, CST/ 6 PM, MST/ 5 PM, PST

These spring sessions are for you if you…
Are struggling with forgiveness, guilt or grief
Desire to be free of guilt and shame
Want to enter the acceptance stage of grief
Want to experience gratitude and happiness