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Welcoming the Spiritual Awakening Within Me Workbook (#83 ) Introduction Session Recording

F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Recover)

Telephone Conference 2019

3rd Annual EA Telephone Conference (October 19, 2019)

Facing Fear and Anxiety with the Tools of EA

Launch Conference Recording

The 2019 EA Telephone Conference was another Success!!! Attendees across the globe called in from California, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, Iowa, Tennessee, Ireland, Idaho, Michigan, Canada, Kentucky, Maryland, Poland, Washington, and more. 19-27 people attended each session. People were very excited about what the speakers had to share...

Listed below are the descriptions of each session along with handouts if available.

The times for each session follow the title so you can navigate through the recording to hear the desired session.

Welcome and The Yellow Pamphlet (00:00)

Listen as members share in reading the entire Yellow Pamphlet. A Personal Story of how EA Helps Manage Fear and Anxiety (20:15) Cheryl J. Shared her journey to recovery by working the EA program. Her story shows what we mean by “It works if you work it”

Healing Fear and Anxiety through EA Fellowship (54:07)

Rosemary H. taught us definitions of anxiety, fear and phobias, physical symptoms of anxiety, healthy fear and anxiety and how EA fellowship makes fear and anxiety manageable.

Using the 12 Steps to Deal with Fear & Anxiety (1:53:13)

Scott J. shared how working the 12 steps leads to recovery and joy which in turn lessens fear and anxiety.

The 4 A’s with Fear and Anxiety (Acceptance, Awareness, Action, Attitude)  (2:29:24)

Elene gave examples of how to use Acceptance, Awareness, Action and Attitude to ease fear and anxiety.  She also gave a powerful testimony of forgiveness

Managing Fear and Anxiety with “Just for Todays” and “Slogans”  (2:56:50)

Kelsey W. shared how she uses the slogans and Just for Todays in a wide range of situations.

Prayer and Meditation to combat Fear and Anxiety (Step 11)  (3:28:50)

Sharon H’s experience, strength and hope in her journey of meditation will inspire you. Meditation can be as simple as focusing on your breath or a word.

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