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2018 Experience, Strength and Hope Telephone Conference Recordings

Recordings organized by Rory S.  Planning Committee members:  Emily P., Greta F., Kelsey W, Margot F. and Scott J.

  1. Attendees introduce themselves and where they are calling from. Attendees also share in the reading of the Yellow Pamphlet. Moderated by Scott J.

  2. Sharon H. shares her personal story of becoming free in EA. Her share includes how she utilized various tools of the program. Moderated by Journey.

  3. Dave Q. shares how being a sponsor and a sponsee shaped his recovery in EA. He also shares various types of sponsorship methods. Moderated by Dottie S.

  4. Chery J. shares the solution that she and others have found for emotional difficulties through the EA program of recovery. Moderated by Rory S.

  5. Avis S. shares her own journey into loneliness and how EA helped her to recover from it. Based on the pamphlet Loneliness from EA’s 17 Pamphlet Living with Emotions Set. Moderated by Emily P.

  6. Kelsey W. shares how the gifts of humor and gratitude have aided her recovery in EA. WARNING: She may have you laughing and feeling grateful!

Audio Recordings at EA Events