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U.S.A. EA Intergroup Information

  • What is an intergroup?

    It is an association formed with multiple EA groups from a specific area for the purpose of encouraging communication between the groups. An intergroup is supported through contributions from the EA groups it serves. After its expenses are paid, the group treasury monies are usually divided between the intergroup and the EA International Service Center.

  • Sacramento, California

    Contact - Vickie P at 916-485-7721
    Organizational meeting held on the first Tuesday of each month. Call for more information.
    Meeting Location: 890 Morse Ave Sacramento, CA 95864 at Sierra Vista Community Church in Room F4

  • Los Angeles, California

    Contact - Greg: 818-216-7629

  • Contact - Don M at 847-370-6937
    Recording: 708-383-0200

  • Houston, Texas

    Contact - Bill S at 713-871-9994

  • Northeast Texas Area

    Contact - George S at 817-965-1986 or