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How can I help EAI?

  • Translate our literature into a different language in your country
  • Become a virtual meeting moderator
  • Create a video about the program for our YouTube Page
  • Email or call groups and update our group contact information
  • Write a testimonial/review
  • Make a contribution - Your support allows us to continue to organize the efforts behind the
    groups and to keep the EA fellowship operating. Donations help fund our day to day operations,
    as well as produce new literature and products.
  • Write for EA
    • Would you like to write a reflection for EAI?
    • Do you have an idea for a pamphlet we're missing?
    • Interested in creating a new workbook?
    • Interested in writing for our new daily reader?
    • Is there something else you think we are missing? Let us know!
    • Want to add something to the monthly newsletter?

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