Thank you for letting us know that you are starting a new EA group! In order to list your meeting on the EA website and in our database (to receive ISC information/updates) you must fill in at a minimum the required fields below. Once you submit this form, staff at the ISC will contact you to verify your information before adding your group to the list. We do this to confirm that others who might be searching for an EA meeting are also able to contact you via phone and/or email. We have recently started a Scholarship Fund to help new groups with the cost of the initial starter packet (#44). If you are interested in receiving an application please email Bobbie Jo and ask to have it emailed to you. Funds are limited. Please let us know how we can help you as you launch a new meeting and thank you for continuing to keep EA available to all.

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To place an order for the 'starter' packet of materials (Item #44) to use at your meetings, click here.