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Reasons to Consider Changing your Sponsor

Sometimes a sponsoring relationship doesn’t work out and one party will decide to break the arrangement.  There will also be relationships where the sponsor and sponsee just don’t fit well together and it’s causing problems. Valid reasons for terminating a relationship with a sponsor include:

  • They are hardly ever available. Some people will choose to have many sponsees but there can be a limit on how much time they have   to devote to each one.
  • The sponsor appears to be having problems with their own program.
  • If the sponsor and sponsee have vastly different views for how the steps should be completed.
  • The sponsor has attitudes you find negative or intolerant.
  • The sponsor is too bossy or interfering.
  • You feel unable to develop trust in the relationship.
  • Geographic relocation of either party will prohibit the relationship.



Reasons NOT to Consider Changing your Sponsor

  • Hoping for some type of financial or career advantage. Choosing a boss or prospective employer as a sponsor may be viewed as a manipulative move.
  • Wanting somebody who is more attractive.
  • Wanting to have a more popular sponsor.
  • Changing for the sake of change.
  • It is not a good idea to change sponsor over just one minor argument. No relationship is going to run completely smoothly –there will usually be disagreements along the way.
  • The sponsee wants a sponsor who enjoys being cynical about the program and the people in it
  • The sponsee wants somebody who is never going to challenge them.
  • The sponsee has expectations that are too high.