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For Sponsees/those Seeking a Sponsor:

Why did you decided to seek a sponsor?

Did you get a sponsor within your first year of the program?

How difficult was it for you to get a sponsor?

Is your sponsor from your home group?

Have you had more than one sponsor?

How often do you contact your sponsor?

What benefits have you received from having a sponsor?

What did you done to find a sponsor?

Why don't you have a sponsor?

Who in your group would you trust to be a sponsor?

What would keep you from asking? 

Would it be easier for you to ask for a temporary sponsor?

Does your home group promote sponsorship at every meeting?

Do you want to get a sponsor?


For Sponsors:

Do you have any sponsees?

Do you use literature from outside EA as a sponsor?

How do you benefit from being a sponsor?

Where did you learn how to be a sponsor?

Do you have a routine for your sponsee?

How much contact do you want or need from your sponsees?

As a sponsor, what has proven effective to keep sponsees progressing in the program?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being a sponsor? What do you do if you are?

How many steps did you complete before becoming a sponsor?

Do you have any ideas to increase sponsorship in the EA program?


Would you be willing to ask your group to promote sponsorship by:

  1. Adding an asterix by the name of sponsor volunteers to the group phone list.

  2. Getting agreement to ask sponsors to raise their hands during the business section of the meeting.