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How to End a Sponsoring Relationship




Ending a sponsoring relationship should be done tactfully and with respect. The goal is not to make this other person feel badly or to accuse them of being inadequate at their volunteer position.

It is best to keep things simple and there is no need to go into elaborate explanations. Most sponsors will be fine with just hearing that their sponsee wants to try somebody else.

Life in recovery is all about honesty so it is not recommended that people make up lies about why they wish to change sponsors – even if these lies are well intentioned.

It is best to tell the sponsor face to face. Sending emails, text messages, or leaving a message on an answering machine is cowardly and not a sign of emotional sobriety.

It is important to thank the sponsor for their efforts. They are volunteers and have been providing their services to you for free.

Even if the relationship has been a bumpy one, it is best to leave on good terms.