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Ways to Volunteer and Help EAI

  • Translate our literature into a different language in your country
  • Become a virtual or remotely accessible meeting moderator
  • Contact groups and lets us know about any updates needed
  • Write a testimonial/review about the program
  • Become a sponsor
  • Make a contribution - Your support allows us to continue to organize the efforts behind the
    groups and to keep the EA fellowship operating. Donations help fund our day-to-day operations,
    as well as produce new literature and products.
  • Write for EAI
    • Would you like to write a reflection for EAI?
    • Do you have an idea for a pamphlet we're missing?
    • Interested in creating a new workbook?
    • Interested in writing for our new daily reader?
    • Is there something else you think we are missing? Let us know!
    • Want to add something to the monthly newsletter?

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