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Starting a new EA group isn't difficult! You need to find a way that works best for you - right now, virtual/remote meetings are generally the only option. Choose a way that it the meeting is accessed (phone, online, app, face to face, etc.). Choose a platform (Skype, Zoom, etc.) that you are most comfortable with and pick a day and time - preferably when there are no other meetings already scheduled. Contact the office with your meeting information and we'll post it on the website! If you fill out the form below, we can email you the New Group Information Packet (NGIP) - #35 to help you get started. It is free to add to any order or you can request a mailed copy by contacting our office. There are New Group Scholarships available to help defray the start up costs for materials. Click on the Scholarship and New Group registration links to the right on this page for more information. Reach out and let us help!

Please fill out the form below only if you are interested in starting up a new EA meeting. If you are looking for a meeting DO NOT fill out the form, please click here to find meeting information.


Request our New Group Information Packet (NGIP) to Help You Start A New Group

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