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"Temporary Pandemic" Remote & Virtual EA Meetings

EA Groups Based in the US

EA has always offered virtual meetings. You can find those meetings listed here. However, due to the pandemic, many face-to-face meetings switched to remotely accessible and virtual methods. These meetings MAY return to face-to-face formats once it is safe to do so. That decision is up to the group. The meeting list below is sorted by the meeting day. Please access these during the designated meeting times only.

Remotely Accessible by Phone Only

Some phone carriers will charge you per minute. We suggest you check with your phone carrier, especially if you are joining a meeting for the first time. Meetings accessed by phone are conference-call styled. Once you dial in, you will be asked for the Access Code - be sure to enter the pound (#) sign at the end!

Zoom Information

You can download the Zoom app on your computer here. It is also available to download onto a smartphone or tablet in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Instructions to JOIN are found at the bottom of the page on a desktop or you can click here.

Google Meet Information

This platform can be accessed with PCs, Macs®, Chromebooks™ online directly here:, or the app can be downloaded on iOS and Android™ phones and tablets.

Click here to go to a time zone converter website to help you determine the time of the following meetings in your location's time zone.

Quick reference for time zones (USA & Canada):

  • Example Time: 2 PM, PT (Pacific Time) = 3 PM, MT (Mountain Time) = 4 PM, CT (Central Time) = 5 PM, ET (Eastern Time)