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EA Remote Meeting Information

Don't have a face-to-face EA group close by? Want another way to participate in an EA meeting? There are many ways to join an EA meeting! 

  1. The first option lets you search for a meeting based on specific parameters desired like the program used, meeting day, time zone, etc.
  2. The second option gives you a list of the remote meetings ordered by the day of the meeting and meeting time in a Google Document (this option requires the internet). The list will be updated periodically.

These searches are accessible by clicking the links on the right side of this screen or you can click on the corresponding link option below.

  1. A tool for members to find a meeting that works with their schedule with specific parameters.

  2. This document has the meetings listed by the day of the meeting day and the meeting time. The document will update periodically with information changes. We recommend using the list and then verifying the information with the group's contact(s). If you have questions about a particular meeting, please contact the group's contact(s).

Need Help Figuring Out How to Access a Remote Meeting?

Click on the link below that is compatible with the program that the meeting you want to access is using.