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How to Submit Reflections/Writing Material for New Literature by Mail

Thank you for being part of the Emotions Anonymous International (“EAI”) fellowship and submitting your suggestions, writings, concepts, images, testimonials, and other materials to share with others. Please know that by submitting material for publication in EAI materials, you are allowing the EAI organization to use it. You may choose to have your first name and last initial identified or have your submission remain completely anonymous. EAI copyrights materials so that members may be assured that anything with the EAI name on it has been verified as being true to the program; submitted materials may be edited. This does not include shares on either the Email Loop, Online Loop, or Chat groups, as these are online meeting spaces. Should EAI identify Loop writing to reprint in materials, permission will be requested from writers directly.

If you would like to submit your thoughts for a new meditation/daily reader book or on a particular Step, Tradition, Promise or other component of the program or have an idea for a pamphlet we're missing click on the links below to submit material by mail. You may also submit by e-mail by sending your submission to Thank you!

Materials can be sent to our mailing address:
Emotions Anonymous International
PO Box 4245
St. Paul, MN 55104-0245