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We have raised $46,747.15 of our $60,000.00  goal.
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We know this is a difficult time for everyone and are doing our best to shift EAI operations to accommodate the current world situation. We continue to need your support!  If you can, please consider making a contribution. We are all in this together and this too shall pass. 

Testimonials to the EA Program

"EA ISC will always be a gift for anyone that wants to start a meeting no matter how old or new one is to the program as I am lucky to start the program as young as I did as I'm 51 but have 21 years in." — Lee R.

"This program is giving me my Life Back and My Inner true Self.." — Tanya M.

"WHAT IF... Worrying is thinking about “what if something goes wrong”. Dreaming is thinking about “what if everything goes right”. Both are necessary. When I get out of balance with either one, I need a way to keep from capsizing. To do that I take some steps. For me, EA is all about that." — Janet H.