New Group Scholarship Application

The EA-ISC receives calls from individuals wishing to start a new EA group but lacking the funds to purchase the basic beginning materials. Therefore, the Board of Trustees has created a Scholarship Fund for new groups. The fund is made possible by contributions from generous individuals and existing groups. Half of the cost of the Starter Kit ($13.75) will be paid out of Scholarship Funds, provided there is money in this account to use. If the Fund has no money, those requesting assistance may be placed on a waiting list until funds are available. No scholarships will be made in advance of funds being available.

Qualifications for receiving Scholarship Funds:

  • Contact with EA-ISC expressing interest in beginning an EA group.
  • Identification of a location, time and weekday for a meeting.
  • Check or credit card payment for remaining half of the Starter Kit cost made prior to shipment.
  • New group agrees to pays shipping/handling costs.
  • New group has checked with location to find out if insurance is required (EA-ISC does not provide insurance).
  • Completion and submission to the EA-ISC of the attached form.