Free Publications

Would you like to read any of these pamphlets? Simply click on the name and download a copy to read online or print locally.

  • New to EA? This is a helpful piece to learn more about the program as a whole - what to expect at the meetings, ideas on how to participate yourself, and a list of the Twelve Steps. Also good to know is that all our pamphlets are numbered, so when you want to place an order, you can find the "Form #" on back of each one in the box that provides contact information.

  • This pamphlet provides additional information about the program and discusses what EA is - and is not. It's a good overview.

  • This pamphlet is in question-and-answer format, designed to provide information most newcomers are wondering about.

  • Another question-and-answer pamphlet that answers basic questions about the program and meetings.

  • This pamphlet is geared toward health care practitioners who think they might have a client or patient who would benefit from the EA program.

  • Four stories from EA members that share hope and healing through the program.