Online Discussion Sign Up

EA offers an online discussion group called EAnon. All are welcome to join in the discussion, however Yahoo and AOL have specific policies that do not allow those email addresses to be used on EAnon. If you currently have a or email address you will need to switch to another provided (such as The email address you use will appear as your return address. Although this forum is private, you may consider using an email dedicated for EAnon for privacy.

Guidelines for EAnon emails:

  • EAnon is not a bulletin board or news forum.
  • Writing should be EA related.
  • We do not discuss religion, politics, or promote outside issues.
  • We do not use inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Personal responses should be sent directly to the writer, not the forum.
  • We do not send poems, jokes, stories written by others or greeting cards.
  • Maintain confidentiality. Do not share information from EAnon without the writer’s consent.
  • EAnon is a place to share your EA growth and recovery with other EA members who want to read what you have to share about EA and your own recovery path.

To register, click here You will receive a welcome email once we receive the completed form. You will be sent an email requesting confirmation before you are able to post. You can unsubscribe at any time.